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Norma Kitt by the Tennessee River in downtown Knoxville

About Norma

With over a decade of experience, knowledge, and training, I specialize in myo-skeletal alignment therapy and massage for cancer patients. As a trained Reiki master, I take a approach to assess my client's physical, mental, and emotional state to empower them on their health journey. I believe that truly listening to my client's needs can be the greatest impact and catalyst for helping them to live better quality lives. Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors, learning new things, and traveling to experience new places and cultures.

Our Services

Relaxing massage with essential oils

Relaxation Massage

Norma is extremely knowledgeable at her craft and practices it even better. Her massage was very effective for my sciatic pain. I always look forward to my next appointment.

- Caz L. 


Norma has helped me tremendously. I’ve been dealing with bulging lumbar discs and I want to avoid surgery if possible. Norma has given me a range of stretches and strengthening exercises in addition to her amazing body work. She has really educated me about the interconnectedness of body musculature. Plus she’s just super positive and nice. She’s become a friend.

- John B.

I can't say enough good things about Norma! She is extremely talented and a super person. The most relaxing massage I've ever had.

-Troy W. 


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